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How To Organize Your Office to Increase Productivity

By October 30, 2020July 29th, 2022No Comments

All companies rely on strong productivity to achieve the profitability goals they set. While an organization may look at many solutions to increase productivity, office space is often one of the most overlooked considerations.

Yet, a study in New Zealand found there is a direct correlation between productivity and the office environment. A whopping 97% of participants said their current workspace drains their ability to focus to an extent. Forty-six percent said it heavily impacts their productivity. To boost output, consider the specific needs of your team and ensure they are met.

At Canyon Park Tech Center, our goal is to provide businesses with the environment they need to be productive.

Evaluate your office’s physical layout

Canyon Park Office

Office layout can impact your team’s productivity levels and it’s important to keep this in mind. For instance, if projects are dependent upon teamwork, you’ll want to ensure you have enough open spaces where your team can gather to brainstorm ideas or collaborate on project components. Canyon Park’s campus is fully modernized with the type of spaces necessary for collaboration.

For team members who require quiet to focus without interruption, see if you can create private office space, quiet nooks, or add partitions to fill this need. Canyon Park’s idyllic scenery at the base of Mt. Timpanogos offers the perfect backdrop to help facilitate this type of working environment.

Eliminate the excess

Open Office Space

A cluttered office space almost always affects productivity. It’s hard to concentrate while gazing upon a jumbled mess.

  • Do a massive purge to eliminate any unnecessary clutter, including unused furniture, old computers, obsolete office supplies, and other bulky items.
  • Go vertical by adding shelves and hanging wall pockets at work stations to keep tools at arms’ reach but out of the way.
  • Set up recycle bins throughout your office space to eliminate excess paper buildup.
  • Place shredders in accessible places so sensitive documents can be immediately destroyed.

Once you’ve eliminated the excess, spend time organizing office supplies, set up a good filing system for paperwork that needs storing, and convert anything that can be stored electronically to digital (remember to schedule backups).

Consider any tech needs

Office Space at Canyon Park

As you plan your office organization strategy, consider your team’s tech requirements. Employees need to have sufficient outlets, strong Wi-Fi, and easy access to any other office equipment to help maintain productivity. Think managed services, smart desks and chairs, mobile printing, and any productivity tools that can automate or simplify tasks not needing human intervention. Additionally, you’ll want to evaluate your office lighting. Numerous surveys have found direct links between good lighting and productivity. Canyon Park’s modern layout offers plenty of natural light to help facilitate productivity.

Poorly designed office spaces will impact productivity, but smart organization easily mitigates many productivity problems. Survey your team’s needs and then organize your space to fulfill their requirements. At Canyon Park Tech Center, we fully understand the organizational needs today’s companies seek.

Looking for the perfect office space for your team? Contact Canyon Park today to learn about our available office space.

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